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The 'Connected' Cultural and Trade Center For The Americas is being created for the purpose of a place of meet and sharing of culture. In light of this, the structure is designed to exhibit a strong sense of cohesiveness and magnetism about it, which should ultimately suggest the unity of the ideas and cultural activities it will host.

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connectivity - becomes a key factor for an understanding of this space and should serve as an extension of the ideal of a “bringing together” of modes of architecture. Connections all through history, from an architectural perspective, have served as extensions of our understanding and the magnitude of those experiences, using simple shapes, lines, movement, dynamism, flow, to create a sense of place, a sense of scale, balance, perspective and texture as tools for his solutions for a space.

balloon architecture - and tent building systems which commonly serve as a fun, often informal gathering places for individuals or groups, whether it be for leisure or religion. For example, these kinds of structures are known for hosting temporary churches and travelling circus.